Play games. It's Your Move! in Temescal

Our family was strolling the Temescal area of Oakland after an always delightful lunch at Bakesale Betty’s, when we came upon the gaming store, It’s Your Move Games and Hobbies. It’s a locally owned business that has been in the neighborhood for 10 years now. I’d remembered passing the store previously, but I felt intimidated to go in. I mistakenly thought you had to be an expert gamer at something to truly appreciate the store.  I was wrong.  My 5 year old, Maisy, urged us to go in.  They were so kind and even allowed our puppy into their store.  There was a mother and son playing a game at one of the available open gaming tables in front as we entered. We cruised back to the shelves of games for purchase. They had them nicely organized by age and type of game. There was a good selection and they can special order anything you want.

  Kids games for purchase.

Kids games for purchase.

We were approached by a female staffer who my daughter gladly chatted up.  Within minutes she was teaching us the game Mancala, which is a count and capture game based on a game played in the 6th or 7th century. The staffer was very patient and sweet while she taught us the game. We spent about 40 minutes in the store playing the game and looking around.

  Playing Mancala.

Playing Mancala.

Other than the fantastic staff, here is why we’ll be back.

  • They have an entire wall of board games you can try out and play in the store whenever you like. They can help you learn the games or help you pick games you or your child may be into. They only ask a small donation. Sounds great for a rainy day!
  • You can check these very same games out to take home to play for only $2 a day.
  • They host birthday parties.
  • For the hard-core gamers, they also host game nights for Pathfinders, Magic, Scrabble and Chess for adults and youth.

I can’t believe I was intimidated of this awesome neighborhood gaming spot! Makes me wonder what other gems I’ve been missing out on. If you know of any, please post in comments. As always, thank you for reading!

*Photos all taken with my iPhone since I didn’t bring our good camera out that day.



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