hardware store charades

well, we don’t roll like that. i’m a fiend for lightweight keychains. i don’t like to carry a lot of stuff with me, and i don’t like the added bulge of keys. a hardware shop is a short walk from our flat, and so off i went. just up and over the hill, about fifty meters and i’m there.

the shop is small and cluttered; charming in my book. a man greeted me, “sera”. it was about four o’clock in the afternoon. “sera,” i replied, and paused. how the hell am i gonna ask for a keyring? i sifted through my pocket, and began, “vorrei due…”

i held up a key and formed a ring with my fingers.

“ah, uno anello chiave.” the man smiled, and signaled to follow him. through a maze of racks and shelves and benches, he led me to a chest where he opened four or five draws. there, as vanna white would, he presented an assortment of keyrings large and small.

“perfecto! due piccolo.”

it may not have been perfect italian, but it got the job done. two small keyrings, in the pocket. now, for adapters.

our flat has two types of electrical outlets. i’m calling them little ones and big ones, but i’m sure there’s a right name for each. since we brought an adapter and a standard american surge strip with us, we were off to a good start. however, with phone chargers, cameras and computers and the lot, a couple extra adapters are good thing to have around. i looked around the hardware store for an outlet, but none were found. instead,

i stood there, with a fist and two fingers stabbing madly at the air.

“una adattatore!” the man scurried over to another part of the store and held up a few examples. the smile on his face said it all – this was the most fun he’d had all week. after all, how often do you get to play charades at work?