Happy Thanks-birth-xmas-year

Maisy in her holiday get up

Well it’s been a while since we’ve updated.  I guess the holidays just took off and we went a long for the ride.

We enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving at home with friends and family with a deep fried turkey!  Yum.  Maisy wasn’t too keen on the turkey- she’s not really a meat fan. I’m beginning to wonder if she’s actually my child! ha

Christmas morning #1

Joan (Mimi to Maisy) and Joel (Papa J to Maisy) came for an early Christmas at the beginning of December. Uncle Steven came over and we all had Christmas morning in the first week of December.  We had a great visit and it was a wonderful way to kick off Christmas!

Maisy and Papa J

Maisy had her first meeting with Santa at the Oakland Zoo for Zoo lights.  She was NOT a fan.  As a matter of fact, she was down right upset about the meeting.  She calmed down to check out the Zoo lights, which she LOVED, however on the way out, Todd asked, “Do you want to go see Santa again?”.  She burst into tears and said, “No, No, No way, no way!”  We couldn’t use the “S” word around our house for a few days, but she eventually got over it and by the time Christmas rolled around, she and Santa were on good terms again.


Maisy had her year and a half doctor’s visit in early December.  Maisy is now 2’ 7’’ tall and weighs 22 lbs and 5 oz.  She’s talking constantly and has more words in her vocabulary than we can count.  She is making sentences and likes to “sing”.  We continue to go to music class and library group each week.  She really enjoys seeing the other kids.  The only issue is that she gets a little too excited and ends up being too rough.  We are really working on “gentle hands”.  Maisy is really into babies, drawing, Snow White, books and her tea set.

Living the life!

We headed off for warmer weather about mid-December for LA.  We were lucky enough to get to leave Maisy with Nana and Papa for a week while Todd and I went to vacation in Ilsa Mujeres, Mexico.  It was a wonderful childless vacation.  Maisy didn’t miss us a bit, although we missed her terribly- however it was nice to get away.  Maisy never freaked out or even looked for us when we were gone.  Actually when we called she wasn’t even interested in talking with us.  I’m glad she was so happy and getting along so well with Nana and Papa.

Maisy and Nana playing stickers

We arrived back in LA on Dec. 23 just in time for my birthday and Christmas.  My mom made me and Kim our favorite dinners (lasagna and stroganoff) and got us some cakes.  It was so fun to celebrate with my sister just like old times!

Happy Birthday to US!  Becky- Dec. 24, Kim- Dec. 19

Maisy had a great time Christmas morning with her cousin Elijah.  Santa was very good to both kids.  They must have been extra good this year.  Elijah is going to be Michael Jackson when he grows up and all he wanted for Christmas was a Michael Jackson hat and an MJ microphone and Santa delivered!  Maisy got a Skuut walking bike that she’s still a bit too short for.  But she was still very excited to see it.

Maisy and Elijah AKA Michael Jackson

The New Year began in our living room with friends and their little ones.  We celebrated the New Year New York style at 9pm.  The kids were all losing it and getting quite silly by that time.  Maisy had a great time with all of her friends.  By 9:15, all the families had returned home and we were in bed well before midnight.

Happy New Year!!!

More later!  Hope your year is off to a good start and that you had a happy holiday season.

Much love, Todd, Becky and Maisy