Happy New Year- 2011 Here we come!!

Happy 2011!!

We spent new year’s eve with our wonderful friends, many of which we’ve spent the past 4 years (or more) of new years celebrations with!  It is so much fun to see us all go from no kids, to one kid, to two! Oh how the years and the celebrations have changed.  We did an East Coast celebration again this year, but this time at Maynard and Alison’s house.  We had a great time and so did the kiddies!

Kiddie Table

However, the bubbly was NOT forgotten

The party (photo by Maynard)

As the year ends we are reminded of all of the fantastic things in life and look forward to a year filled with many more adventures, laughs and lots of love!  We are so thankful to have all of you on our journey with us.

In other news, Maren had her 4 month shots yesterday.  She did very very well and slept soundly all day.

Bundled up Maren after our walk home from the doctor’s visit

She is now 24 inches long, weighs 12 pounds and 13 ounces and her head is 40 cm in circumference.  The doctor says she’s perfectly healthy and “normal”.  The doctor also said to start Maren on a sippy cup with water instead of water or juice through a bottle.  She also said we could start solids at 5-6 months, but not later than 7 months.

Todd came along on this visit and got his flu shot.  Now everyone except Maren has received their flu shots, which will help protect Maren from getting the flu since she’s too young to get the vaccine.

Maisy has just started drawing “faces” this week.  Here is her portrait of Daddy.  Some have theorized that Todd is riding a large cat or a liger….

Maisy’s drawing of Daddy

On that note- wishing you health in 2011!!

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren