Happy New Year 2009

Todd and Maisy taking a walk down the grandparents’ street

W e headed east for Christmas on Dec. 23 and after 17 hours of travel we finally made it to our destination!  Maisy handled the trip like a trooper with NO meltdowns.  We did find out that Maisy is a food snob.  I bought her some jarred baby food for the flight and she refused to eat even her favorites if they came out of a jar.  This girl has quite the sensitive palate.

In Lake George we celebrated Christmas with Todd’s parents, brother and grandmother.  It was nice and relaxing to all be home together.  It’s rare that we are all there at the same time, so that made it extra special!  Todd’s Grandmother came over on Christmas day for the festivities and a yummy Christmas turkey dinner prepared by Steven and Joan.  Mmmmmm

Christmas Feast

We enjoyed a nice leisurely day of opening presents and enjoying everyone’s company taking time out for naps and playing with new toys.  It was a beautiful snowy view of the mountains and Lake George  through the living room windows.

Maisy reached the very exciting milestone of sitting on Christmas Day!  She continues to add syllables to her babbling and now says, Da-da-da, Ma-ma-ma, La-la-la and raspberries.

A Maisy sitter

While we were visiting we were able to catch up with Uncle John, Aunt Dee, Thalia and Lonny for lunch.  We were also lucky to see Uncle David several times as well as Chris and Aunt Rebecca.  It’s so nice that we were able to see so many folks in such a short amount of time!

As always time passed quickly and we found ourselves back on a plane heading toward home.  Our trip home was smooth and uneventful.  The next day was new years eve and we celebrated with Mike and Angie over at their place.  It was Maisy’s first night out passed bedtime.  She went down for bed at their place without a problem.  Todd and I made it just past midnight, rang in the new year with friends, gathered Maisy and headed home for bed!

Happy New Year!

We wish everyone love, peace, happiness and health in the new year.  The past year has brought so many joys and wonderful firsts, we cannot wait to see what exciting adventures await in 2009!

Much love to all-

Todd, Becky and Maisy