Happy Little Camper?

We decided it was high time we took Maisy camping.

My tent!

The car was packed and we were heading out to Mt. Diablo near Walnut Creek after Maisy’s afternoon nap on Saturday.  We were approaching the camp’s south gate from the winding road in when Todd looked back and said, “Uh-oh, you gotta pull over, she’s car sick.”  And sure enough the poor little Maisy was- all over herself!  We took her out, cleaned her up and showed her the very pretty valley below and after a bit she was ready to continue the journey, which we took VERY slow.

Mommy, I don’t feel so good

W e arrived at the camp ground at Live Oak near Rock City in Mt. Diablo state park and picked our campsite and started setting up.  Maisy ate her dinner and we all enjoyed looking around.  We got a big 4 person tent that is tall enough to stand in and to fit Maisy’s pack n play in.  We thought the whole thing would just go off without a hitch.  As we were putting her to bed we realized we forgot two very key items- Her lovey and her blankie!  We even wrote out a list, so we wouldn’t forget anything and of course these items weren’t on it, because we KNEW we had to bring those.  Lesson Learned!  We did remember her big Blue Pooh that is a fuzzy warm bear outfit- so at least she’d be nice and cozy.

Todd the tent builder

Maisy was not happy being put to bed, so she got to stay up and hang out with us around the campfire.  She finally fell asleep exhausted in her font pack that I was wearing her in.   At 11 we decided it was time for us all to retire.  We crept into the tent and set her down in her crib and she stayed asleep, for a whole 45 minutes before the crying started again.  Poor thing!  Nothing worked.  Finally as I was rocking her from my sleeping bag she fell asleep.  The trick was convincing her that my sleeping bag was her lovey.  So I carefully placed her between Todd and me on the floor of the tent and we slept again, for a while, until she woke up once more very confused and again, I’d convince her that my sleeping bag was her lovey and she’d drift off.  This happened about 3 or 4 times.  Luckily she didn’t wake up for good until 8:30am.  We were all pretty tired though!  There was also another baby in the camp ground that helped share the tears.  I was glad we weren’t the only folks going through the whole adventure.  Todd was joking later saying, that it was so cute how we actually thought we were going to be able to play the game of scrabble we had brought along.  We both just laughed at that!

I’m so tired, where’s doggy?

In the morning we broke down camp and headed to Rock City, a trail of very cool very old (like 45 million years old) sandstone rock formations.    We walked around there for a bit and then decided to head home.

Rock City Rocks

We still had a great time and would definitely do it again- but would be very careful to remember all of the crucial items!

Maisy had a big day yesterday, she went on her first longish bike ride and a camping trip- so we are taking today slow and easy.

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