Happy Easter!

Dyeing Easter Eggs

We dyed Easter eggs for the first time as a family on Easter Eve.  Maisy thought it was a lot of fun.  Although, she was not fond of the idea of having to share her eggs.  She kept saying, “No thank, you, Maisy no share.”  At least she was polite about it…

Maisy sitting with the eggs

Maisy was interested in the basket that the Easter bunny left for her.  She thought it was okay (there was no candy in it), but then she got to the Easter bag with toys and goodies that Nana and Papa sent (LOTS OF CANDY IN IT) and she changed her tune and got super excited!  She gobbled up the loose pieces of candy like they were going to run away.

Trying to get candy

Maisy hatching eggs to grow more candy to STUFF in her mouth

After the basket and present opening this morning- we had friends and family over for Easter brunch.  It was good to see folks and to watch the kids all play and hunt for eggs in the yard.  Luckily the rain held out for us to get a quick Easter egg hunt in.  Maisy is really becoming a big kid and is completely able to play with other kids now.  It was especially nice to see friends and family that we haven’t seen for a while.

The kids heading out for eggs

Group family photo (minus the photographer, Steven)  Shreyas, Elizabeth, Satya, Todd, Maisy, Becky, Angie, Reid, Rowan and Mike

On a baby related note:  I got to feel the new baby kick for the first time last night at 18 weeks 2 days.  It just happened to be while I was starting to check out Todd’s new iPad.  Maybe this baby will take after Todd and his interests because the baby sure seemed to get a “kick” out of the iPad!  ha ha kick get it!?

More later- Happy Easter fun!

Much love, Todd, Becky and Maisy