Happy 3rd Birthday Maisy!!

Happy Birthday to Maisy from all with love!

We had a busy week preparing for Maisy's third birthday party.

The week started off with Maren participating in a locomotion study at UCB.

I love this photo- it's so trippy looking.  This room actually moved and appeared to expand or contract.  The chair Maren sat in had sensors in it to see how she'd react.  

The week moved on and the weather forecast kept getting more and more gloomy.  Instead of a fun, creative outside art party- we ended up having a fun, creative, kinda cramped inside art party.

Mom and Charlie came into town on Friday to help prepare for the festivities.  Actually everyone pretty much chipped in to help, whether it was holding Maren, watching children upstairs and down, watching the art table to make sure our couch didn't become the "art couch" or baking the most delicious and beautiful birthday cake.  It was wonderful to have everyone here to help celebrate Maisy's day.  Maisy definitely felt the love and was very sweet, appreciative and happy to have all her guests help her celebrate.

Nana holding Maisy- a bit overwhelmed with Papa nearby for moral support

We did two fun projects.  One was painting masks with glitter glue and the other was to make new crayons out of old crayons.  I should have started the latter project first because the party was over by the time the new crayons were done.  Now we will just have to see our friends again to deliver all their new crayons- not a bad deal!  So to make the new crayons, all we did was take broken crayons, but them in a muffin tin and baked them in an oven at 250 degrees for about 10 minutes.  Then we took them out and put them in the refrigerator to cool.  They turned out really cool!

Kids with their glitter monkeys or ladybugs

With all the glitter from the glitter glue and the Tiana costume and Tiana doll, it looks like pixie dust has washed over our whole house!

The cake was certainly a hit and wonderfully done by our friend and neighbor Emily who co-owns

Hopkin's Street Bakery

in Berkeley.  Thanks, Emily!

Family photo before the happy birthday serenade

Maren happy with Uncle Steven

Here is a picture of the girls after the party, after presents and after naps before dinner.  They are just being silly and Maisy seems to be using as many presents at once as she can manage.

The after party!

This post is made possible by Maisy finding the camera.  We thought we had lost it and called several of our friends a couple of times to see if it hitched a ride with them.  Just before we were about to look through the trash for it, Maisy shouts from her room, "Here's the camera!"  I called back, "Where is it?"  She says, "In my hand." It got left in her room and she was the one to discover it.  Oops.

Maisy had a great time and thanks everyone for their happy thoughts and well wishes. 

Here is just a cute picture of Maren from last week doing the splits.

Very flexible little baby!

Much love to all!

Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren