Halloween 2009

Trick or Treating

Unfortunately Maisy came down with her first cold EVER the day before Halloween and being the responsible parents we are, we decided to not infect other children, so our big plans of Trick or Treating with all of Maisy’s friend’s had to be cancelled.  Boo!

Carving pumpkins

We went ahead with carving pumpkins anyway and Maisy just looked miserable with a cold.  Her poor eyes and nose would not stop running.  After carving, she settled in on the couch to watch some Mickey Mouse, better known to Maisy as, “Mousssss”.

Watching the Mouse with Baby Polly


We were happy that Erik and Ari were brave enough to join us for a night of Trick or Treaters and yummy food and too much candy!

Maisy returning home from Trick or Treating to try to get more candy

Maisy actually kind of “got” Trick or Treating this year.  She said, “knock, knock, knock”, while knocking on doors and then would say, “Tic,toe, tee”, for the goods and of course, being the polite girl she is, she’d follow up with, “Tanks.  Bye-bye”.  She loved it and had a huge smile on her face the whole time.

Us in front of our very scary house!

Hope everyone enjoyed their fun day of costumes and candy!

Much love, Todd, Becky and Maisy