From LA to SF AIDS Walk (33 weeks pregnant)

Happy Family finishes AIDSWALK SF 2010

What a week!  We were in LA to celebrate the impending arrival of our new nephew- Kim, Rigo and Elijah are the proud family awaiting Evan and our friends Perla and Marc’s celebration of the coming arrival of baby Luke.  It was quite a day of baby love!  It was a smooth trip there and back- an hour flight into Long Beach is just the about the most ideal way to fly.  Maisy did wonderfully.  This was our last trip out of town before baby girl arrives.  I’m now not allowed to fly, so I was cutting it a bit close and it was perfect timing!

At Perla’s baby shower with Mr. Minton, Perla, Sarah and Mykah

Luckily it wasn’t as torturously hot as it has been during some past visits to LA, although it was still nice to cool down in the jacuzzi.  The kids had a blast and Kim and I were on strict orders to stay in for only 12 minutes at a time so we don’t over cook the new little ones.

In Mom’s new jacuzzi also known as a “cool”

Maisy and Elijah hanging out

We are continuing our alphabet lessons and tomorrow is “J” day.  Maisy is doing very well with learning the letters and looks forward to waking from her nap to fun lessons.  The picture below is of her finding “H” items Hidden in a tub of rice.  She liked that as well as the “H” swimming pool.

“H” Day activity

Maisy’s new favorite book is,  Kipper’s A-Z: An Alphabet Adventure.  It is actually a really cute book and I don’t mind reading it at all. I would highly recommend it!

What’s in the pool?  Hand, hot dog, horse, H

AIDS Walk was next on the agenda.  We started off around 10:30 and quickly met up with Uncle Steven, Jiri and Sherri.  The walk was great fun and seemed to go by swiftly.  Time flies when you are walking and talking!  It was a lot of fun for a great cause.  Jiri knew of a tiny short cut, so we did end up cutting off about a mile- but with the walking to and from the car, I’m still claiming a 6 mile walk day!  It wasn’t too hot or too cold, it was just right.  At the end of the walk, I was slightly sore and had some sensitive feet, but all in all it was great and I would totally do it again.  We were so proud of us :-)

Maisy in her cap

Uncle Steven, Maisy and Todd

Maisy on the walk with Todd, Jiri and Sherri

We also went up in the attic and got all of the infant clothing and gear out.  Maisy thought this was just the best thing ever.  She was constantly exclaiming, “OH- CUTE, So TINY!”.  Now my task is to wash everything, sort it all, put it where it belongs and then we’ll be ready.  I can’t believe there are only 6.5 weeks left!  My next doctor’s appointment is July 27 and then again on August 10, where they will do another ultrasound to check the baby’s size and position.

Here is the most recent belly shot.

33 Weeks

More later!

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and baby girl