Follow up Ultrasound (39 weeks)

Baby Girl’s Face at 39 weeks

They called early this morning to schedule my follow up ultrasound in radiology.  Maisy and I went in around 11am today.  Maisy did amazingly well while they took a bunch of measurements of Baby Girl.  I was very impressed with her patience!

Of course the technicians cannot tell you much of anything.  So I emailed my doctor when I got home to see if she could tell me anything.  She’s out of the office on delivery duty, but luckily had time to respond to my email.  It was music to my eyes!  She said, “Good news, the baby is small, but is growing normally and has good blood flow from the placenta.”  Yay!!  Now we can relax and just be excited about the baby coming.

Today is really HOT here.  Strange when on Saturday it was all drizzly, but I’ll take what I can get!  Maisy got into the kiddie pool and enjoyed a cool down before nap.  I even turned on the air conditioner today!

Maisy enjoying summer

Just wanted to send an update!

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and baby girl