Preschool Flower Anatomy Lesson

Gathering flowers in a basket

Today is a beautiful and warm day.  After our walk to the grocery store, Maisy picked up a flower and asked, “Who is that?”-  It means what is this?  She was pointing to the inside of the flower and I got the idea to do a little flower lesson today.  So we started out taking a walk and collecting lots of flowers to examine and learn about.

Looking for flowers

What we found

After we came home, we checked the flowers out and divided up all the parts.  Petals for attracting bees and butterflies (who help to pollinate the flower), Stigmas/Pistils for catching pollen, Anthers/Stamens for making pollen and the Stems for supporting the flower.  Then we placed them in the proper squares on the paper and taped them down.  I found a large flower diagram and printed it out for coloring.  Maisy enjoyed coloring in all of the parts- and picking apart the flowers.

Coloring and learning about flowers

Proud girl

After all that learning it was time for a nap to recharge!

Finished product

Maisy continues to do well with potty training.  She tells us when she has to go and she wears panties all day, even when we are out and about.  I bring her potty and just make sure she goes about every 45 minutes or so and that seems to work for us.  She has had no accidents in over a week!  She still is wearing diapers for nap and bed time.  But it’s great we are down to only 2 new diapers a day!!  :-)

Here is a picture of me taken yesterday at 21 weeks.  We asked Maisy the other day what we should name the baby and she said, “Cracker”.  We asked why and she said, “Baby is tasty.”  I’m pretty sure we’ll get a second opinion on that Cracker name!

21 weeks

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