first ultrasound 9 weeks 5 days

O ur first doctor’s appointment was on Thursday, Nov. 8th, and it seemed like forever for that day to come.  As you can imagine, we were both very excited.  Once the ultrasound machine was fired up, it was pretty amazing to see someone in there!  The doctor said the baby looked perfect and that there was a good strong heart beat.  The baby even started to do a little dance for us, showing Todd and I just how she or he can tear up a dance floor!  I couldn’t believe the baby was moving, since I can’t feel a thing!

At the time of this photo, the baby was about 3 cm long and she or he will continue to grow rapidly.  The doctor confirmed the baby should be arriving around June 3rd.

The rest of our schedule seems pretty packed. I have an appointment for diagnostic first trimester screening this Friday, Nov. 16th, and I hope they do another ultrasound so I can see our little baby again.  Our next offical appointment is Monday, Nov. 26th, and the doctor was saying it is a continuation of the first appointment.  It’s then that we get to listen for the heart beat with the doppler – if they can’t hear it that way they will do another ultrasound. We also discuss the results of the blood tests and screenings I have had. Hope all goes well!