First Day Without Dad Went Smoothie

All day I kept thinking it was a week day since we are usually all together on Sundays.  Alas it wasn't.  We went to Angie's house for a little play date with the Stewart boys and it was great to get to visit them!  It was a bit touch and go for a second when Maisy and Reid bonked heads on his already severely bonked head which re-opened the wound and caused it to bleed.  We felt horribly.  Angie and Reid were very good about it and didn't kick us out!  We finished playing (carefully!) and left for home.  It was lunch and nap time by then.  Morning occupied- CHECK!

After nap I had to figure out how to pass the rest of the day and evening.  We walked down to the park.

Maren enjoyed the swing.

Maisy flew us on a rocket plane.

And the girls slid down the slide together.

The park was unfortunately empty.  I was hoping to chat up some other parents, but no one was there...

For the rest of the afternoon we made smoothies.  This idea came from Maisy, actually, after she returned home from a play date raving over the smoothies at her friend's house.  Well, I couldn't let the play date fall short when it was my turn, so I made sure to get smoothie ingredients next time we went to the store.  I pretty much just make it up.  I use whatever fruit I need to use up.  Today it was apple, peach, raspberry, strawberry and lots of grapes.  We spoon in a few large dollops of plain yogurt and add the fruit to the blender and blend it up!  Maisy does pretty much all of it, so she's super proud of her creations.

Maisy adding fruit.

Maisy blends as Maren watches.

We made so much we decided to freeze some for smoothie pops.

I also put some in a tupperware in the freezer a couple of hours before dinner and Maisy got to have some slushy/ice cream smoothie for desert.  Maren got the plain ol' smoothie drink.

The taste test.


And yes the girls are dressed in matching outfits today.  Maisy wanted to be twins.

More later!


Becky, Maisy and Maren