End of September fun!

What a whirlwind weekend!  We had a great time on our quick trip down to LA to celebrate all of the cousins' birthdays.  We decided to take the older cousins to Disneyland together since we couldn't attend each other's actual birthday celebrations, then we had a small party for the wee cousins on Sunday.

Todd and I at California Adventure hamming it up!

We left Friday at noon right after we picked Maisy up from school.  The ride down was quick-ish, until we arrived in the LA area at 6.  It only took an extra hour to get through traffic- so it wasn't too bad.  We had only one minor incident on the way down.  A huge semi truck to our right blew a tire right on us.  Strips of tire beat loudly against our car in a crazy flash of noise, sound and vibration.  We all had little heart attacks, pulled off to the side of the road, inspected the car, calmed down and continued our trip.  No damage was done and it gave me a nice little adrenaline jolt that caffeine cannot rival!

We woke up on Saturday and headed straight for Disneyland!  We met our friends, Sarah, Drew, Marly and Mykah there.  We even got to see James for a bit!  Later in the day Kim, Elijah and Evan met us.  

Marly, Sarah, me and Maisy.  Love all being together!

Happy Maisy and Auntie watch the parade.

Elijah scaling the late rabbit.

A big thank you to my Uncle Bob, who is security at the Mouse's House. He signed us in as an employee guest that day!  The more we go to Disneyland the more we love it and the more we feel the NEED to go again!  We ventured into California Adventure this time as well.  One day is never enough in the land of Disney!  

Maren on the Nemo submarine ride.

Maisy and Mykah rode the Matterhorn for the first time with the adults.  We used parent passes and the girls went with their dads first, then asked to go again and went with Sarah and me next.  Maisy got a little worried in the middle with the abominable snowman creature, but asked immediately to go again.  

Maisy and me on the Mattherhorn

She definitely wants the big kid rides.  Another highlight was the water fountains at California Adventure.  Marly and Maisy had the best time just running around and getting all soaking wet.  Thank goodness we had extra clothes for them!


"I can't believe I'm being allowed to do this!"

Maisy hugging her friend Mykah.  The love was felt that day!

Unfortunately as fireworks were about to start, the park got swarmed with people, the kids were sleeping and we were exhausted, so we took off early.  Next time, we'll have to hit Disney on a weekday.

Sunday was Evan and Maren's First Birthday Party celebration at Nana and Papa's house.  As always, thanks Nana and Papa for having the party at your house!  Maren and Evan split a cupcake and the day was a pleasant and fun gathering of family and friends.  

Happy Birthday, Evan and Maren!!

The family has exploded with babies lately!  It's so precious to see them all together.

Maisy hugs, baby Emma and Evan.

So great to be all together!

We headed home early the next day and made it home in time to grab pizza.  Now we are back into the swing of things here. 

Maisy has continued to have play dates with her friend from school.  They get along so well.  It's really less work when Juna is at our house because they totally entertain each other and look at me like I have 3 heads when I walk in the door to try to join them in play.  

Juna and Maisy play princesses

Maren wants to play too!

Todd leaves this Saturday for at least a one week trip, maybe two week trip to include possibly London, Paris, Miami, Brooklyn.  I'll be here with the girls.  I don't know how people do this alone!  I'm already booking play dates for both me and the kids, so I don't go insane with no adult interaction!

Maren is so close to standing on her own.  She could totally do it, but just doesn't trust herself.  She's getting very verbal and signs often.  She likes to point out lights, hats, dogs, eating, washing and bathing.  Those are her favorite signs.  We go the library weekly to sing and read books where we meet our special friend Velia!

Velia and Maren meet at story time at the library.

Maren is showing interest in drawing with Maisy now.  Maisy decided to give her an art lesson today.

That's all for now!


Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren