Drum roll please.......20 weeks pregnant

Side View

We had our “big” ultrasound today.  Nana and Papa are in town, so they stayed with Maisy while we had our appointment.

Papa, Maisy and Nana

It was very exciting and emotional.  It’s strange how much more emotional I am about this pregnancy than the first.  I think it’s because I KNOW how amazing it all is now.  I was fighting back tears while just checking in for the ultrasound.

The baby’s face

The baby was very cooperative and quite mellow during the ultrasound.  I think maybe this baby will take after Todd in personality.

Different view of baby’s face

They checked for the sex last.  They said it was to keep our interest :-)  They did guess at 12w 6d that the baby was a girl- and they were right!  Maisy is going to have a baby sister!

It’s a girl!!

We are all thrilled!

Maisy is so excited for the baby to come.  She loves playing with her babies and reading books about babies.  She especially loves it when I hold her finger like newborn babies do.  She just giggles and can’t wait to meet her sister.

Maisy practicing being a wonderful big sister

Here is a picture of me today-  20 weeks pregnant.  Only 20 more weeks to go!

20 Weeks pregnant

Maisy is also doing very well at potty training.  She’s been in training for 8 days now.  The first days brought lots of puddles, but by the third day she got it.  She now will tell us when she has to go and she goes regularly.  We have puddle free days and still the occasional accident, but those are rare.  She wears pull ups when we are out, but usually comes home dry.  I take the potty with us on certain outings and she will use her potty out.  Maisy still wears a diaper for nap time and bed time, but she is well on her way to being potty trained.  We are very proud of her to be doing so well so young!  (She won’t be two until June 5.)

More later-

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and baby girl