Celebrating the years

Celebrating Grandma’s 100th Birthday!!

We took a trip all the way across the country to Lake George, New York. We were out to visit and celebrate Grandma Alice Urband’s 100th birthday on June 12th!

On the way out Maisy did well on the first flight and got a bit restless in the airport. Luckily a nice janitor over heard Uncle Steven and I talking about wishing there was something to do when he pointed us the most perfect play area in the airport. These should be mandatory in ALL airports. Maisy loved playing after being cooped up for so long! Maisy and I were so very thankful to have Steven come along with us.

Playing in the Chicago Airport’s Kid’s area

Climbing on structures

We arrived on time and picked up Todd the next day from the airport. We were so happy to see him again!

On Friday we had a small celebration for Maisy’s birthday. Maisy got the most beautiful handmade clock and wooden robots made by Papa J. They will be treasured for decades to come. Thank you Papa J!

Maisy’s new clock for her big girl room

The next day we celebrated Grandma’s 100th birthday. It was a very happy occasion for friends and family to reunite.

Todd and Grandma

Unfortunately it rained pretty much each day we were there except for the last day. We were able to fit a good deal of summer fun in just one day! We took a boat ride on Lake George, played on a beach, ate lake side and went swimming in the pool all before we boarded our plane for back home. It was a wonderful day.

Maisy and Dada in the lake

After our sunny day we left on a 7:30pm flight out of Albany. Maisy did very well on the ride home with the exception of a very confused and exhausted 15 minute crying jag about an hour and half before we landed at SFO. She recovered well though and fell back asleep for the remainder of the flight. We didn’t get to bed until after 2am pacific time. We were all a bit sleepy today…

Today is also a big day. It’s the first night that Maisy is sleeping in her big girl room! She said that’s where she wanted to sleep, so we did it. She’s been asleep in her new big girl bed for about an hour, so far so good. She went down with very little issue. Let’s hope it stays that way!

Dada and Maisy reading before bed time

Good night big girl!!

Tomorrow Maisy has her two year well baby appointment, so we’ll have more growth stats then. I’ll also update with a new belly shot soon. I feel like all of a sudden I’ve gotten much larger in the belly. I think I’m good with this size—- no need to keep on expanding! I feel baby girl move several times a day. Maisy continues to be completely into and excited to be a big sister.

More later-

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and baby girl