Big Sister and the Second Ultrasound

Side view of new baby at 12 days 6 weeks

We had our nuchal translucency (NT) ultrasound on Friday, Feb. 25.  The appointment was bright and early.  Todd and Maisy were both able to come.  Maisy was a perfect big sister and just hung out with Todd on the couch while we all watched the baby TV.  It was a long appointment because the baby was being quite active, so it took a while to get the right measurements.  It was fine with us, it meant we got a longer peek at the baby.  The tests all came back fine and the baby is doing perfectly well.  The baby’s heart rate was 140 beats per minute (BPM).  I have another regular appointment on Monday and we find out the gender on April 15th!

Face shot of the new baby- I’m told the baby will get cuter

In other news, we ventured up to the mountains to visit Todd’s parents who had a vacation spot there.  We made a  long weekend of it.  Unfortunately, it took us 8 and a half hours to get there (it should only take 3 and a half).  There was a huge storm and we had to put chains on (ok TODD had to put chains on) and I could only drive about 15 MPH up the mountain.  Slow going!  Boy were we glad to finally get there, especially after a few slippery slidey times trying to get up some steep snowy passes.  Todd was happy to get some ski days in with the boys and Maisy was happy to get to visit with her Mimi and Papa J.  She got to play in the snow and go swimming at the pool.

Maisy all giggles with Mimi on the swing

Papa J and Maisy swinging

Maisy’s language skills are really blossoming.  She understands pretty much everything and can speak in sentences.  Her vocabulary is growing each day.  She is becoming much more assertive and she will let you know exactly what she wants and how she wants it!  We are working on “please”, “thank you” and “no, thank you”.  She has suddenly become EXTRA picky about food.  (No idea where that would have come from)!  She pretty much just wants to eat waffles, fruit, PB&Js, applesauce and yogurt.  I suppose she could want worse things.  We still encourage her to eat other things, but if you aren’t careful or quick enough- she’ll send the plate sailing to the floor.  We are not pleased with this trick at all.  We are working on breaking this horrible habit.

Way messy yogurt face

Just today I also noticed two more teeth coming in (the canines).  After she gets these two, she’ll have only two more canines to come in and then the big molars.

Maisy has now gone potty on her potty training toilet 3 times.  Each time has been right before bath time, but she’s really good at letting us know when she needs a new diaper, so we are hoping it may be possible to get her good and potty trained by the time the baby arrives.

Today we turned Maisy’s car seat from rear facing to front facing.  Although technically we could have turned her at a year old.  There is mounting evidence that keeping a child rear facing for as long as you can is most safe for a baby.  We decided that Maisy would like to see the world- her legs were also getting pretty cramped!

Family driving home from Tahoe with a big girl!

More next time!

Much love, Todd, Becky and Maisy