Being Homebodies in a home without a kitchen

We've been sticking close to home these days due to all of the work being done!  

Our counters finally got installed Tuesday.  Wednesday (today) the tile backsplash started going up and the sink was hooked up and water flowed!!  We are beyond happy to see this project nearing an end. We haven't had a functioning kitchen since March 27.  Ouch.  Tile work continues tomorrow and Friday, then we can touch up paint, then we'll be very close to done.  We will still have hardware to add to the cabinets.  Here are some pictures from our work so far.  

Love the deep sink!

Since the weather has been rather good we've hung out in our front yard a good deal.  Maisy and I played chalk for quite a while the other day and she got nice and dirty (ick).  

Maisy's face after attempting to eat a piece of chalk cake I drew on the ground.

The delectable cake.  I baked it myself!

Sunday we set out to all get haircuts- well except for Maren.  It was a beaming success!  Maisy loved getting treated like an adult just like Mama and Dada and sitting in the big chair. 

Setting her do.

Later in the day, Todd took the girls for a walk.

Todd and Maren prepare for a walk

For our fun activity today we did gardening.  The Matthews Family Farm is now open for business!  We have tomatoes, parsley, red peppers, cucumbers and strawberries.  We also planted some pretty pink flowers that Maisy picked out.  Hopefully we can keep them all safe from "predators" as Maisy calls them.  We promised to water, care for and nurture our plants daily.  So now we have a new item to add to our daily ritual.  

Maisy also picked out a special plant to care for in her room.  Her plants name is Parselie.

Hope everyone is enjoying Spring!!  We are looking forward to one of my very favorite activities- Easter Egg Dyeing!!!


Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren