Baking and Farming with Maisy

Since Monday is my only free morning with Maisy, we decided to do some baking.  We made Lemon bread and replaced the eggs in the recipe with apple sauce and half of a banana.  I baked it an extra half hour and it was still kind of mushy inside.  The taste was okay, if you don't mind a hint of banana in lemon bread.... eh, at least it was fun!

Gathering lemons.

Getting a 1/2 Cup of butter.

I used our felt fraction pie pieces to simultaneously teach the idea of 1 Cup, 1/2 Cup, 1/4 Cup.  She actually got it!

While our cake was baking we went out to pick some veggies in the garden.  Maisy decided to take our goods to school tomorrow to give to her friends and her teachers.  It's fine with me since we pretty much don't eat what we grow anyway.... it's kind of just for fun.

Picking the reddest tomatoes.

Maisy counting her tomatoes in her fancy garden picking Easter basket.

Soon after the cake was ready!  Maren and Maisy were ready to try it and though I may have had mixed reviews, the girls gobbled it up!

Yum, Maisy and Mom!

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