baby heart goes thumpity thump thump

Baby heartbeat.aif (100k)

Today we got to hear the heartbeat. our appointment was brief, and a continuation of our last appointment. no stirrups or oven mitts involved this time, instead, lady doc positioned a fancy tummy mic over becky’s belly, and  projected our baby’s swooshy heartbeat into the air. with iphone at the ready, i recorded the sound which you can hear too!

after the sound test, we went back to the doctor’s office, had a seat, and chatted for a bit. she asked us all sorts of questions about our genealogy, diet, and physical activity – then she gave us the low down on what we should do during the first few months of pregnancy. call me crazy, but shouldn’t this sort of conversation have taken place a few months ago?

long story short, everything seems fine. although we didn’t get all of the labs back, those we did review were in good order. the baby is alive and kicking, and becky is ta ‘boot. we may even find out if it’s a boy or a girl around christmas time!

more soon!