As the belly grows at 18.5 weeks

Here I am at 18.5 weeks pregnant.  I still feel like I just look “fat”, but I’ve had at least 3 comments from strangers wishing me congratulations, so that makes me feel better.  Since it’s winter time and I’m a wimp when it comes to being cold, I can’t wear a lot of my stretchy skirts and flowy-type shorts, so I’ve now resorted to wearing all maternity pants.  They are very comfortable, but still not as tight as I would like them to be-  they tend to sag, so I still use the Motherhood Maternity’s Tummy Tube to keep them nice and tight.  Old Navy has been very kind with their maternity sales- so it hasn’t broken the bank either!

I’ve felt the baby move since about 15.5 weeks .  At first it just felt like twitches or quick popcorn kernals popping.  It has gotten stronger and more frequent each day.  Todd keeps trying to feel her kicking around, but no luck yet.  Todd leans his head down to have chats and listen to her.  He says she’s a very good listener.  He also swears he can hear her in there.  He says it sounds like “swimming”.  I’ll have to ask my doctor about that one!

We had to switch insurance companies this year, so I had my first appointment at my new doctor’s office last Friday.  Everything is still going just as it should be.  It’s always a treat to get to hear the sweet sound of her heartbeat on the doppler.  This new system seems to have a lot of classes and support for families, so that should be a big plus.  They actually took the time to talk to me and answer all my questions without making me feel like I was wasting their time.  My next check up appointment is Feb. 1.

We purchased our crib bedding just this weekend.  We found it at the most unlikely place for the most affordable price- YAY!  Walmart, if you believe it-  I think I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been there, but hey, if they got what you need… take advantage!  We both adore this bedding.  The baby’s crib is a pretty light green color and this mod-nature theme will go perfectly with the nursery decor we have planned.  As you can imagine, we are not into the typical frilly and charactery baby stuff- plain, simple and natural is our theme.