April flew by....Easter 2009!

The Easter bunny visited!

Maisy was very interested in these baskets and the goodies they held.  We didn’t dye Easter eggs this year, but hope to next year.

Egg Fan

Bow Fan

Then we had a heat wave for about 3 days and Maisy enjoyed our “pool” in the front yard.

Oh Wow!

Maisy’s skills seem to surprise us each day.  She loves DOGS and gets very very excited when she sees one.  She knows the sign for dog, which is slapping your leg like you are calling a dog and she’ll do that if you even say the word dog.  She says, Mama and Dada, she’s said Ball, and “Oh Wow”.  Her favorite rambling these days is “odie-odie-odie-odie”.  She signs all done, and waves hello a lot- and I mean a lot.  She waves to the pictures in the hallway, she waves to everyone while we are out, she waves to the cats, to the trees, to the windows, etc.  The all done sign and the wave look very similar.  She also does those signs if she wants something, so they are kind of difficult to interpret.  Maisy loves flowers and gets super excited if we are walking by a pretty flower and makes us stop to admire-it’s so cute.  She’s going to make a wonderful dog catching gardener some day…  I thought she was going to blow a gasket at Michael’s today in the silk flower section!!  She didn’t seem to get that the flowers were fake….  She sure made a scene.  Too cute.

Pig Tails?

Maisy is working so hard on getting her top to teeth.  She still only has her two bottom ones.  She is a drooling queen and has had some cranky days, but other than that she’s doing great!  Not walking or standing independently yet, but getting more and more confident in her cruising and standing with only one hand holding on.  Cross our fingers Maisy has still yet to encounter her first cold- and she has been sleeping through the night consistently for 3 months now.  Life is pretty good.

We have been pretty lucky in April.  I am now working part time from home for a non profit doing clinical research and Todd found a full time job in the city for a company called Heroku.  YAY!

Those are all of our updates for now!!

Much love and more later- Todd, Becky and Maisy