Aloha July

Family photo in the waves at the Sheraton Beach in Poipu.  The wave caught us a bit off guard!

We set off for Hawaii for two weeks on June 30.  We decided after the mess the cats left us last time after only 5 days away to give the cats their own camping adventure out in the wild in Berkeley.  They did wonderfully.  Thanks to Emily and Dai for keeping them and our plants alive! 

Both flights there are back were pretty easy.  Maren napped a few times.  Maisy did not.  We came with a full Mini Mouse suitcase of toys, books and crayons to keep the kids occupied along with plenty of snacks.  When that got old, we got out the iPad.  

We vacationed with our friends Amy, Paul and baby Velia.  Paul was the remarkable chef of the trip and Todd was our bartender extrodinaire.  We all had a great time and learned we travel very well together.

Lunch on our lanai.

Velia (almost 6 mos) and Maren (almost 11 mos) were very into each other.  They were super cute.  Maisy (just 3 yo) was also into the babies, but we needed to run careful interference.  Maisy does not know her own strength and is into testing limits these days.

We loved where we stayed.  It was a perfect 3 bedroom villa at the

Koloa Landing

in Poipu.  We were on the bottom floor with grass and the pool right outside our lanai.  It was perfect for the kids and for the adults making the most of nap time and use of the pool and BBQ.  Another fabulous perk was daily maid service!  The good news is that the place we were staying is for sale!  We could own if for a cool million plus HOA fees.  Somehow, I think we'll pass on that great deal though- Ha! 

Our resort at sunset.

Moonshine on 4th of July

We arrived home one night to a gecko that Maisy spotted right away.  Amy and Todd caught the critter and then set it free outside.  

Our gecko.

The first week we just hung out at the pool, beached a bit, grocery shopped, ate and drank.  The second week we decided we needed to get out and see stuff.  We made a few excursions, skipped naps, then decided that was way too much work and went back to just hanging out at the pool and beaches.  

Maren, Maisy and Velia at the small neighborhood beach near Turtle Cove

Maren and Todd at Poipu Beach Park

Maren, Becky and Maisy with the hula girls

Maisy had mostly a great time.  We had a few mishaps.  She had an accident in the hotel bed (oops) and then the next day she got sick in the bed.  The poor person who buys that!  Maisy had a 24hr illness with fever.  She bounced back quickly, but was not a happy camper for a day.  She just wanted to go home!  

Maisy is growing and beginning to test limits.  Her behavior at times is quite trying.  We are trying our best to reel this in and are hoping it was due to travel and illness.

By the end of the trip, Maisy was loving the pool and the beach.  She was getting quite confident in the water.  It may be time for swimming lessons.  The morning we awoke at home, her first question was, when can we go back to Hawaii and the beach.  So, I think it was a success.   

Todd and Maisy playing in the waves.

Maisy all ready to head out for a sunset beach walk.

The trip was not without its trials.  The girls' sleep was pretty disturbed, thus so was ours.  Maren started waking up every hour to hour and a half and would not go back to sleep with out being nursed.  It was quite exhausting.   Especially when that was mixed with Maisy coming into our room a few times a night asking for a slumber party.  Maisy had her own room and slept well in a twin bed with no railings.  Maren slept in our huge master closet.

Maren's sleeping accomodations

Maisy playing with the gigantic umbrella in the rain in Kauai

Maisy waiting patiently at Bubba's Burgers in Poipu

Maren mastered crawling while we were in Kauai.  Now the race is on!  It's hard to leave the room with her not knowing the rules nor what she is capable of.  It's a whole new ballgame now.  We've had to re-install the baby gate at home, so it's back to hurdles in the hall. 

Maren also sprouted a new front tooth.  We think this is one of the reasons she was waking so often. Her second front tooth is on the verge of breaking through as well.  This will help her eat more of her favorite table foods.  She pretty much is over eating baby food now, which makes it a bit easier for feeding time.  

Maren happily eating her egg yolk scramble.

Maren also started doing this adorable little chipmunk-like chuckle.  She's signing up a storm (light, fan, milk, dog, ball, diaper, food, snack, hi).  Her words are also coming.  She learned the word "echo" by shouting in the ginormous tiled bathrooms.  It was one of her favorite games.  Dada, daugh (doll), ah-daugh (all done), doh (dog), fffff (fan) are some of the words she's starting to form.

Maren loved the water and the waves.  She would kick and flap her arms with excitement at the sight of each.

Happy Maren on the beach at Poipu Beach Park.

Todd and Maren in the kiddie pool.

Maren and Becky in the waves.

We can't wait to make it back to the islands!  But now it's back to normal life.  Tomorrow is the AIDS Walk SF and in two weeks we'll be down in LA to celebrate my sister's wedding!

Lots of travel and excitement this summer.  At the end of next month, we'll be heading out to beautiful Lake George, New York to visit Mimi and Papa J.  These kids are regular country travelers!

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