Almost 10 Months Old

Another milestone!

Maisy did her first wave March 8th to Grandma J- at lunch!  We were all pretty impressed.  Her wave is a simple very “royal” wave.  I’m so happy that Maisy was able to share her first wave with Grandma J.  It’s so special especially because they live so far away!  We are hoping that this means Maisy will finally start to use baby sign language with us.  We have been signing to her since she was only 4 months old.  So far- the fancy royal wave is the only “sign” we’ve gotten.


We’ve had a great 9th month.  Maisy is cruising all over and getting more and more sure footed.  We were lucky enough to have Todd’s parents come stay with us for the second week of March.  We did lots of fun things!  We all went on a fun trip to the Steam Trains in Tilden park to ride on a train.  I think I may have been more excited than Maisy- but we all had a good time!


Just in the last day Maisy has really started babbling and babbling.  It’s like she’s actually speaking complex words- it’s just not from any language we have heard of.  It is adorable to listen to.  She has also become very excited by dogs and bigger walking kids.  She SQUEALS in delight on walks at dogs from down the street.  So, I take her to meet the doggie and she squeals gleefully the whole time until the dog is out of site.  It is just hilarious!

Because she’s taken such an interest in dogs, we thought she’d dig some big farm animals, so we took her to Little Farm again.  We started off with a fun picnic in the grass.

“Lunch outside always tastes better”

“uh- not so sure about this huge Moo Cow!”

“Yay- Daddy!”

The day was so warm and nice that we finished it off with a walk to Berkeley Bowl with Abby and Evan and topped that off with a burger and dining out in their backyard.

As for other updates, Maisy’s next doctor’s appointment is Monday for her 9 month well baby check up.  After that visit we’ll know her new stats.

She is eating all sorts of table food now.  There really isn’t anything she refuses to eat.  She eats, deli turkey, plain grilled chicken, broccoli, grapes, potatoes, peas, all cheeses, egg yolk omelettes, bread, cheerios- it’s really cool.  She is also sleeping through the night regularly, which means a whole new world to both Todd and I.  Maisy has turned into such a happy girl, providing we keep to her schedule of sleeping and eating.

Ballerina Maisy

We can’t wait for all the fun new things she’ll do in her next month!


Todd, Becky and Maisy