A lovely start to May

We are loving the warm spring weather here and taking advantage of all of it.

We had a great past few days.

If you notice Maisy's outfit combinations looking a bit oddly matched or redundant, it's all her doing.  I've given into the clothing battle and she can wear pretty much whatever she wants as long as it's not a bathing suit or crazy out of season.  Her will just keeps getting stronger and she's being quite opinionated and difficult these days.  We are just trying to keep it all in check- which is exhausting at times.  I'm amazed she'll be 3 next month.  It is seeming true, that 3 is MUCH more difficult an age than 2, which was pretty much a breeze.  The last few days have been either nap misses or bed time misses.  I fear she may be getting too much sleep, so she either doesn't nap and then if she does nap, she lies awake in bed for 2 hours before she falls asleep.  I really hope this isn't the end of the nap, even if it is, we will institute quiet alone time in your room so mommy doesn't go nuts time.

Maren now has two little bottom front teeth.  She also is a strong willed little one and refuses to night wean.  I keep trying though.  I will eventually get a full night's sleep.

On Saturday the girls and I took a walk in our neighborhood to collect flowers to make a bouquet.  It was Maisy's idea.  

The girls geared up for sun

Maisy in our flowering traffic circle

Our creation

On Sunday we went to the


Farmer's Market

and then to

Frog Park

for a picnic.  We met Angie, Rowan and Reid there for a little play in the stream.

Maisy in her Sunday best

Rowan, Reid and Maisy play with sticks in the stream

Todd feeding Maren at our picnic

Maren hanging out in her sunglasses in her stroller

Today we headed to the 

Oakland Zoo

.  Our membership expires this month, so I figured we better get some zoo days in.  We rode the carousel, the train, checked out some animals, then toured the petting zoo.

Maisy on the merry go round

Us waiting for our train to leave the station

Happy little Maren

Maisy brushing the sheep.  It kills me how old she looks in this picture.

Tomorrow is free day at the

de Young museum

 in Golden Gate Park in SF, so I'll take the girls for some art.  I love getting out and about!

I've also started a family ancestry tree on


.  It's become my new hobby!  It's so interesting.  It's like a real life history treasure hunt.  I love it!   Luckily a couple of relatives have shared some of their info with me, but any more information would be greatly appreciated if you have any.

More soon!


Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren