Pregnancy 38.5 Weeks and our nursery

The days keep passing and there is still no baby, which I suppose is okay because we still don’t have a name! Nesting is in full effect, and you can see the results in our (nearly) finished nursery!

Becky tries out the nursery

Todd picked this up during his travels to New Zealand.  The mobile came from a family owned and run sheep farm, where the mother would shear the sheep, press and dye the felt herself – then sew.

This is Todd right after we first put the crib together.  He (and I) are very proud!

My most recent doctor’s appointment was six days ago and went well.  There is progress being made, but only until I can hold Her, will I feel like progress has been made!  I have another appointment for May 28th, unless she shows up before then.

I’ve been talking walks daily and am continuing to go to yoga.  I’ve been on a cleaning/laundry kick and every couple of days, I start all over again.  Todd thinks I’m crazy.  I still feel pretty good.  I’m starting to get a little bit more tired than I have been.  I am starting to feel the baby getting lower and lower which is NOT so comfortable, but I just try to keep myself busy so the days pass more quickly.  We are both so excited to meet this little girl!  I have been having contractions off and on.  Some not so painful, some kinda hurty- so hopefully this means we are getting close.

ps.  The bathroom is still not completely complete and so- this is why we have not posted pictures of this, but this will also come with time.