Pregnancy 37.5 Weeks

posing with the poses

We are almost there!

T oday we had the last baby class before our big day, this one specific to childbirth.  Our teacher would say that we are all “ready”, but if you ask me, there’s still a lot to get ready for! After seeing some of the videos, it looks like a whole bunch of crazy! To lighten the mood, Todd and I went out to dinner, and afterwards saw Baby Mama, yet another pregger movie. That makes three that we’ve seen during my pregnancy. (also Knocked Up, Juno).

Tomorrow, I have a doctor’s appointment  to see if we’re any closer to her arrival.  I’ve been feeling a little cramping and notice mild contractions – hopefully that means some progress!

On the homefront

We’ve gotten the nursery pretty well put together. The molding is up, the crib assembled, linens looking cozy, and the 0-3 month  clothes washed and waiting.  New blinds should arrive next week, and then the nursery should be done.  Well, we will have some decorating to do, but she won’t notice that!  We are keeping the house nice, neat and vacuumed – just in case we have a surprise baby arrival!

where does the baby go in this boppy?

This is a picture of Todd being silly, and trying on the very complicated Moby wrap . Believe it or not, it’s a giant piece of fabric that is sold to hold a baby. Needless to say, we did not end up buying it!

The bathroom project is still pretty much where it was.  The vanity is finished and the toilet is working.  We still need to get a bathroom mirror, vanity light, paint the door, get a door knob and paint the door jams.  We also have a cabinet/closet specialist coming next week to help us with the storage creation next to the laundry.

That’s all for now!!  Hope you are all well.  Hugs- Becky, Todd and baby