35 weeks- only 5 weeks to go!

5 weeks left!

We’ve been in preparation mode around here!  This last weekend we got the baby’s room all together for her.  The crib is re-adjusted and clean.  All of her clothes and toys are washed and ready for her.  Now we just need baby sister.  Maisy keeps getting more and more excited about her arrival.  We think she’ll be the sweetest older sister there ever was.  All that’s left to do is to get all the cloth diaper gear ordered and ready and to pack the hospital bag.  Oh and a name- we’ll have to for sure decide on a name.  We are working on that and hope to have a for sure name prior to bringing her home from the hospital.  I know the suspense was just too much for some last time, if you remember we didn’t decide on Maisy’s name until she’d been home from the hospital for 5 days!

I had my last routine OB appointment today.  My weight is good- I’m actually below what I was at this same point with Maisy- although, one might never know by that bootylicious picture above!

The doctor says baby girl is still measuring about a week behind and guesses she’ll be a smaller, although healthy, baby.  She thinks she’ll be below what Maisy (7lbs 7oz) was- YAY!!  I go back in two weeks (8/10) for an ultrasound and my Group B strep test.  Then I go every Monday after that until the baby is born (8/23 and 8/30).

It is amazing how quickly this pregnancy has gone.  It really has been a breeze and much smoother than Maisy’s.  Just this week I decided that I was ready to go ahead and get this baby going!  Prior to that, I was happy to leave her inside for as long as she wanted, but now that we are ready and I’m getting slightly more uncomfortable, worn out and am not sleeping well anyway- I figure we might as well get to meet her!

Maisy continues to do well at her afternoon learning sessions.  Her retention on what she has learned is pretty good too!  We are up to letter P today.  Below are some pictures of past Letter days.  I was surprised at how much she enjoys her lessons and looks forward to them.  Often when we are done, she still wants to keep going.

Maisy and her Kite on “K” day

Addressing Envelopes for “M” Day for our Mail Carrier Activity

Getting ready for our mail route

Mail Delivered!

A "N"est made with Dada

More later!

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and baby girl