Pregnancy 35 and 36 Weeks

M y bay area shower was April 26th thrown by my good friend Angie.  Thank you, Angie!  The shower was wonderful- with all of the personal touches brought to it.  Many friends and family from far away were able to attend.  Angie threw a “green” shower, so all of the take aways, juice pitchers- almost everything including the gift wrapping was all able to be re-used or recycled.  It was a very cool concept and even more cool to pull it off!  We played a fun game where you hold a card above your head (so you can’t see what you are drawing) and then you draw what you think the future baby Matthews will look like.  This is the winning drawing  by my friend Andrea.  The love and kindness of all was definitely felt that day-  Thank you to everyone who was able to participate!

We’ve also been busy with the home remodel project.  In retrospect, perhaps it wasn’t the best time to decide to tear up our house!  Todd’s dad was here to help us with the project.  They gutted the bathroom, laundry room and water heater room down to the studs and rebuilt it again.  Originally Joel was only going to stay a week, but thank goodness he extended his stay- because we weren’t close to done after a week!  So we had Joel with us for two weeks.  They accomplished so much in a very short amount of time.  We could not have done it without Joel’s help and guidance.  Thank you so much!  It was really cool to see the father and son team in action :-)

Here are a few shots from the progress.  Hopefully the next post will show a completed bathroom.  We are actually really close.  The walls are up and painted, the floor is installed and the fixtures are back in place.  The washer is now fully functioning- Yay!  We still need to affix the toilet, put the finishing touches on the vanity, install and find the vanity light and mirror.  After that we need to get the custom cabinets made for the laundry area.  Then we’ll be done!

We still have some other projects going on as well.  The nursery is still not together.  Todd has to measure, cut and install the moulding.  I still need to paint the moulding.  I’ve started washing all her clothes and getting all of the wonderful shower gifts put away.  It’s all happening- slowly but surely.

Todd and I feel like we’ve been at Kaiser constantly!  They have so many classes…  last Thursday we took our first installment of the newborn care class, then Friday morning we had the meet and greet the labor and delivery staff, that was a very informative session where you got to ask all sorts of questions.  That was definitely helpful. Then Sunday we had our labor and delivery class- which we got stood up on!  I hope they come through better when it’s show time.  So we rescheduled for the 18th- let’s hope little miss decides to stay put that long.  Last night we had our hospital tour- which was kind of a weird experience.  It’s odd to think that the next time you are in this room or on this floor- you are going to be having  A BABY!  It was good to see though and also very helpful.  Today we have our last ultrasound to make sure the baby is in the correct position (which I’m pretty sure she is) and to do my Group B Strep test.  After this appointment, I’ll start going weekly.  Time has flown.  Tonight we have our second installment of the newborn care class.

My last day at work was Friday, May 2nd.  I’m very fortunate that my work has such a great policy.  All were very sweet and we went to lunch to celebrate.  I’m very happy to not be working and in the 3 days I’ve had off so far, I haven’t been bored once and I’m really shocked at how fast the days go by.  There is so much to get done at home- I can’t believe I used to go to work and take care of things at home.  It is a relief to not have to wake up and get to work everyday and then sit all day long.  It was getting quite uncomfortable.  The baby has now decided to move down to my lower areas and I can’t say it’s my favorite position for her.

Well I think that’s plenty of update this time- sorry it’s so long- but lots has happened.  Take care- hugs, Todd, Becky and baby