Pregnancy 31.5 weeks

O nly about 8 weeks left now!  I cannot believe how fast time has gone.  I know I promised a perhaps more fancy shirt and I thought this was a fancier shirt, until Steven said to me, is that the same picture as last time, and then Todd said, no, but the shirt is still blue….  Fine!  I like blue!  :-)

So let me fill you in on what’s been going on.  Todd left for Australia and New Zealand to have a fun vacation with Steven on March 20th.  He just got back home today!!  I’m so happy to have him home.  We’ve had a great day of catching up and even had time to squeeze in a movie.  The pictures are spectacular and Todd can’t wait to take me and the baby back with him for a proper family vacation.

I had another doctor’s appointment on March 27th.  The baby was measuring right on schedule and progressing just like she should.  I had only been gaining a pound or two per month, but apparently this month… I made up for some lost time and they said I gained a whole 8 pounds!  I was a bit shell shocked and vowed to stop eating ice cream every night and try to make sure I get in 2 good walks a week along with my regular yoga twice a week.  I’m doing okay with it so far!

Something that hasn’t been so fun is that I’ve been having migraine-like events without the headaches.  They think they are Ocular Migraines.  I  feel “off” for about 15 minutes then I get weird blind spots for about a half hour- then they turn to weird gray crystal spots and then it resolves and I’m left feeling a bit dingy.  Then it all just goes back to normal.  I had had a couple of these (one per week) so I called my doctor.  They had me go into the ophthalmologist to have my eyes checked and yes all my nerves and retinas are okay.  They also had me go into the OB to have the baby re-checked and she’s fine too.  Since then, this has happened one more time and they are just becoming the way it is for me.  Very strange.  My next doctor’s appointment is April 17, where they have also scheduled me to see the neurologist, just to be sure.

I have started painting the nursery and got one coat up and then my back started ACHING… so I think Todd will have to finish that up now that he is back :)

We are very excited to be having our first baby shower in Los Angeles this next weekend hosted very generously by my mom and sister.  This will be a couple’s shower and so fun to see every one and see all the wonderful baby goodies.  I cannot wait to oooh and ahhh.  Our second shower isn’t until a couple of weeks after that in good ol’ Oakland thrown by my very good friend Angie.  Todd’s mom will make the long trip out to attend along with some other family members.  We are so lucky to have fabulous family and friends!  I will be sure to post pictures of both events.

We have a lot going on.  This week Todd needs to start tearing up our bathroom to make way for the remodel (along with finishing up painting the baby’s room).  Todd’s dad is very kindly coming out when the bay shower is to help Todd along with the bathroom remodel.  We are very grateful to Todd’s dad for sharing the knowledge and really helping out (read – really being the guy that knows what the heck is going on!)  It’s very cool to see Todd and Joel going at projects together :-)

So finally… we still cannot choose a name… it is so darn hard.  That being said, if you are so inclined here is a website where you can vote on names that have crossed our minds.  We may choose one of these, we may not.  If you have a super favorite, let us know.  If you super hate one… don’t tell us…  we just might pick it! 

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