Pregnancy 28.5 weeks

here I am at 28.5 weeks

N ot much has happened since the last post.  Last Saturday, Todd and I joined about 20 other couples in a prenatal yoga class.  There, we learned yoga poses that we could practice to help alleviate some pregnancy pains and also relaxation and breathing techniques like deep belly breathing.  It feels odd doing them, but if it helps… I don’t care!  My teacher says we should practice together often.

Todd is busy preparing for his trip to Australia/New Zealand where he’ll get to travel and backpack and avoid deadly snakes and caterpillars and jellyfish with his brother.  It looks like REI moved into our house!  Soon, it will all be gone, and on a nice vacation!

We spent the last weekend on home improvement planning.  Todd has been selling items on Craigslist to clean out the small room upstairs – soon to be the baby’s room. Today we took another trip to Home Depot to collect color swatches so we can get to painting.  We think we’ve found it; and I hope to paint the room (using low VOC paint) while Todd is away.  We’ve also been moving on the bathroom remodel, and earlier this weekend, we found the perfect old vanity at a corner antique store that we plan to turn into a sink cabinet counter.  We still have to purchase a lot of items for the remodel, but we are both very excited to get this project moving too!

Even though it’s getting notably harder to get up and down and bend over, I still feel completely capable.  I do seem to be getting tired a bit more often lately – naps are definitely my friend.  The baby is still moving a lot, and the movement has changed from kicks to a more sliding like feeling and the baby feeling around like feeling.  This week I start “kick counting” for my doctor.  I have my next appointment on March 27th.  I can’t slouch as much as I used to because she is needing a lot of that room, so I guess good posture is a nice side effect.  I have noticed an unfortunate side effect and it’s my growing butt and thighs!  I definitely need to stop indulging my sweet tooth.

All in all, everything is going just wonderfully.