Pregnant 26.5 weeks

Here I am at 26.5 weeks.  Time is flying by!  I still feel great although bending over is getting more and more difficult.  Todd actually had to buckle my shoes for me the other day.  He got a kick out of that.

I had another doctor’s appointment last Friday.  The baby sounds great and measures right on schedule.  I had my glucose test on Saturday, thankfully Todd could come with me so I didn’t have to sit around for an hour by myself after I drank my prescription strength sugar drink.  It actually didn’t taste as bad as I’ve heard.  I had an orange drink that kind of tasted like a melted orange otter pop.  I can’t believe I’ve already heard the results but, I have and luckily I am all in the normal range, which means no gestational diabetes or the big ol’ baby that comes with it.

Cassidy the wonder filer

We’ve all been pretty busy lately.  I’ve still been working like crazy.  I actually need to fly up to Portland for a one day meeting on Tuesday that I’m not too thrilled about, but it’s not much longer that I will be working, so I suck it up and do all I can in the in between time.  My last day at work will be May 14.  It’s already circled on my calendar!  Todd’s been busy around the house and has also picked up another short gig creating a website for a book.  Mostly Todd and Cassidy have been preparing for tax season.  He’s been teaching the cat to file and to master long division.  Luckily they got that task accomplished and our taxes are now done, whew!

Mudflap and Brownie

The weather has been spectacular lately.  Today we decided to go out for a walk, have a nice lunch (then I had to go to work for a bit), but then after I got home we went for a nice bike ride.  It was the baby’s first bike ride.  We were sure to stick to smaller back roads and be super vigilant about cross traffic.  Our bikes were so happy to be out together again.  Later we enjoyed going to dinner with our super neighbors Matt, Abby and baby Evan.  It has been another wonderful weekend.