The Day My Youngest Entered Preschool

 Maren's first day of preschool.

Maren's first day of preschool.

 Sisters happy for school. 

Sisters happy for school. 

The day has finally come.  I have silence in my house.  It will happen regularly.  It's still sinking in.  I thought I'd be sadder or miss them more, but instead, I'm just so proud.  Proud of the girls and proud of Todd and I as parents for raising such creative, strong and confident kids!  I will get to work from home, run errands in peace and now go to the doctor without having a heart attack while trying to keep the kids calm.  My life is changing after five whole years. 

I didn't make a special breakfast (learned my lesson from Maisy's first day), just simply got them ready for school and dropped them off like it's all normal.  Maren was thrilled to carry her backpack into school and looked up at me from her play-doh play at preschool drop off to ask if I was going to leave.  I answered, "Yes, just like we did with Maisy and I'll come get you after lunch."  She gave a broad smile and said, "Okay, Mama, bye!"

 Beaming as she finally gets to go to preschool like she watched her big sister do for TWO whole years.

Beaming as she finally gets to go to preschool like she watched her big sister do for TWO whole years.

 Making pie with play-doh.

Making pie with play-doh.

I asked Maren the same questions I asked Maisy at the beginning of the school year.  Here's an interview with a new three year old.

Q. What are your hopes for preschool?

A.  That I get to build a bird house and pet a bunny.  I love them. 

Q.  What do you hope to learn at school?  

A.  To have lunch at school. 

Q.  Who is your best friend? 

A.  A roly poly.  (Really?  Lets hope she makes some new friends! Though she did find a poly on the way to school and wanted to bring it in with her.)

Q.  What job do you want when you grow up?

A.  To go to swim class.

Q. What's your favorite color?

A. Blue.

Do you now have a quiet house?  How do you like it?  What will you do with your kid-free time?   

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