How We Finally Ditched the Pacifier

Get rid of the pacifier once and for all.

The day had finally come to safely surrender Maren’s three year old pacifiers. Maren had her first dentist appointment and discussed this with the very sweet staff at Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry.  They have a pacie trade in program, where you hand over all the pacies and they hand over a special toy in return. The staff comes out and claps and makes a very big deal of it. We talked it up with Maren all week and she was excited to become a big girl.

The next Monday, big sister, Maisy, had a dental appointment and at that time we traded ALL of Maren’s beloved pacies (which she was using just for sleep) in one plastic bag for a wooden set of animal trains.  I was in a slight panic. I was in fear of never sleeping again. I was sad to let the last little part of the “baby” go. But we did it.

 The toy selection.

The toy selection.

 Maren's new train set.

Maren's new train set.

The first night Maren had a hard time falling asleep, but she did, without asking for her pacie.  She had the bright idea she’d just suck on her fingers instead, which the dentist thought was cheating, but heck, I just wanted us to sleep again, so I didn’t care much.  At about 11pm Maren woke up fit to be tied.  Shrieking, crying and flailing. She hated her fingers, hated her bed, disliked her dad and couldn’t stand her room. Fun times!  This went on for two hours.  I finally pulled her into bed with us and she passed out.  Nap the next day went off without hitch.  The second night she had a little problem falling asleep, but she still did not ask for her pacie and fell asleep reading books.  We didn’t hear from her until 7am the next morning!  Pacie surrender success. I'm so glad we gave ALL of them to the dentist or I may have been tempted to just give in, but I'm glad we stuck with it and had no other option.

Only two hours of severe withdrawal and we now have a real big girl.

UPDATE:  I may have spoken too soon!  Nap yesterday was a screaming fail and she woke up twice last night and ended up in our bed again.  Hope it gets better soon.  Still not turning back.   After a week we are back to normal sleeping!!!  Yay, pacifier free!!

What are your tips for pacie cessation?  Post in comments, I'd love to find out other tricks that have worked!

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