Parent Hacks for Easier Todays and Tomorrows

Through some experience we’ve come up with a few ways to make life around here a bit easier for us.

Use spiral bound notebooks to keep art tidy and preserved

1.  Tame the mess. 

The amount of 8.5x11 little masterpieces that have been created & not destroyed floating around finally got to me.  I decided it was time the girls got spiral bound art pads.  If they want to create, they can draw in these or on the easel. They both have one large and one small pad.  The exception to only making art in their books is if they want to create art for someone else that WILL leave the house or if they actually want to build something. Using the bound art books keeps their art work perfectly preserved for easy storage.  After the art pad is full, we add the date range & up to a Rubbermaid bin in the attic it goes. (Easel drawings are turned into wrapping paper).

 Organized creativity.

Organized creativity.

 Art book work. 

Art book work. 

2. Prevent accidents.

Serve and save milk in Kerr jars. No spills and milk stays fresh.

Serve milk in little Kerr jars (like little jam jars, you'd use at home for jelly making). The girls both have a different design on their jar so we know who's is who's. Maren’s has diamonds on it and Maisy’s is plain glass. When setting the table for dinner, they get their milk from a low shelf in the refrigerator, bring it to the table, open the lid and sip their milk. When dinner is over, they replace the lids on the jars and put the jars back in the fridge. No refrigerator spills and milk stays fresh.


 I can do it myself!

I can do it myself!

 The kids' shelf.

The kids' shelf.

Be ready.  Get dressed in tomorrow clothes the night before.

3.  Morning time savers.

Maisy stopped wearing pajamas about 2 years ago. She can’t stand them for some reason, so she dresses for the next day at night before bed. She wakes up all dressed EVERY DAY. No last minute morning freak outs. Thank goodness, those used to ruin mornings.

-Always pack lunches and have backpacks ready the night before.

-Shower the night before, so all you have to do is throw on some clothes in the morning.

-Have one parent make breakfast, so the other can get dressed and then move onto hair and teeth brushing of the kids. We can get out of the house in about 50 minutes. This is a plus, because none of us are morning people.

Make a nest on the floor next to your bed for late night kiddo visits.

4.  Get a good night's sleep.

One last trick we’ve learned is to make a little nest on the floor next to our bed. Our three year old is sneaky and she’ll sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and get in bed with us, then we can’t get her out without a lot of crying. We only have a queen sized bed, it’s small for two adults and a three year old and I always end up teetering on the edge. So we decided to lay a thick blanket on the floor next to the bed and leave a little blankie there, and if she ever feels like she needs to visit us at night, she just cuddles up in her next & we don’t even notice until the alarm goes off in the morning.

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