Lost children at Disneyland? No Thanks.

 Don't lose your crew!

Don't lose your crew!

With our Disneyland travel adventure coming up next week, I wanted to share some tips I’ve learned on safety for shorties.  These tips could work for any crowded family adventure, so even if you aren’t heading to Disneyland, read on!

How to leave Disneyland with all the kids you came with:

 Leave with all the kiddos you came with!

Leave with all the kiddos you came with!

  • Stick a note in your child’s pocket with their name, your name and cell phone numbers.  

  • Take a photo of each child that morning in what they are wearing, so that you can give a proper description, even if you are in a stressful situation.  

  • Talk to the children in your group about having a buddy, never wandering off and to warn them of distractions that may draw an otherwise alert child away from the group.

  • Reward kids for staying together, and nearby.

  • Pick a familiar meeting place, and make sure everyone can remember and locate the meeting place.

  • Make sure everyone knows phone numbers of others in their group.

  • Keep your phones charged.

  • Familiarize your kids with the Disneyland staff who can help.  Here is a list of Disneyland Baby Centers and Lost Children locations.

 Even young Princesses should receive important safety tips as a part of their royal training.

Even young Princesses should receive important safety tips as a part of their royal training.

Mousypants.com was great enough to share some of these tips with us, so be sure to head over to their site for in depth safety tips and the inside scoop from a family of Disneyland Annual passholders!

Products that can help:

ID:  There are a variety of items to help with attaching parental phone numbers to children. These are a few; Temporary tattoos, ID bracelets (remember these from when we were kids? There are TONS of different ones now) and beaded bracelets with phone numbers.

GPS:  I’ve also come across a GPS product called BiKN which works with your iPhone through a GPS receiver on your phone.  It has up to 8 little GPS tags you can clip on different items, like your children.  BiKN has three functions.  One is called “leash”, it will cause an alarm to sound on your phone if the item (child) you’ve tagged is out of a certain set range that you have chosen, so you never lose the child in the first place.  There is also a page and find function.  It sounds pretty amazing and seems to have so many uses.  Never lose keys, dogs, shoes, purses, etc. ever again!  I’m really tempted to get one. So, stay tuned for a possible review.

When our kids were really small, we tried the leash - ours was a plush backpack with a leash tucked away.  Todd and I felt weird about it - and still do - but we thought better safe than sorry. Thankfully, we never used it much and it’s still in my almost 5 year old daughter’s drawer looking shiny and new. Want it?  Seriously. Say the word, I’ll send it to you.

I know there are other tips, like all wearing bright red shirts, but I’ve got standards - I’ll leash my kid, but I’ll be darned if I’m wearing a bright red matching oversized T-shirt!  

Special thanks to my Uncle, who shared many tips from his years of working security at Disneyland, and to the folks at mousypants.com for sharing their wealth of tips :-)

Have any helpful hints we missed?  I’d love to hear from you!

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