Running for me time

 Mina and me getting ready for our morning run.  Photo credit:  Maisy, almost 5 years old.

Mina and me getting ready for our morning run.  Photo credit:  Maisy, almost 5 years old.

I haven't run in over a month, but woke up early today inspired to do so.  I enjoy the quite of the neighborhood, the bright blue crisp sky, and making my dog happy.

I love that I get to do something for ME and escape the morning breakfast chaos as I head out into the neighborhood.  It's a happy feel good activity for me.

My motivators: 

1.  No one is asking me for anything. 

2. I get to listen to music I can't listen to in front of the kids (Good Hip Hop- Spotify) .

3.  I wear my most favorite comfy running pants (Dog walker pants from Lululemon) . I use the excuse of running in the morning to wear them all day.

4. Mina gets a healthy puppy trot in.  She loves it and she must be pretty darn cute too, because when people pass us, they break into a grin of joy seeing that happy Mina. I like that she brings smiles to faces so early in the morning. 

What are your happy places to escape the chaos?  How do you get some me time in?  I love comments, so don't be shy!

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