Shoes are a gal's best friend (sometimes)

Happy shopper

I dread shoe shopping with the girls.  They want to try on everything, whether it's in their size or not.   They want to pick the most inappropriate obnoxious shoes and want to do this on separate sides of the store, on different isles at lightening speed.  This is why I've decided to bring the shoe store home.  I buy only the shoes I want them to have and try them on while only one child is present in a nice orderly fashion.  I ordered sensitive footed Maisy 10 pairs of shoes and racked up a pretty nice bill at  The shoes arrived with a quickness and we tried them all on.  I was starting to break into a sweat when we were on shoe number 8 of 10 and we still had no winners.  They all felt pinched or were too slimy or gummy.  Her words, not mine.  When finally we had two winners at the end.  One pair I really really liked.  The other pair I really shouldn't have ordered because I didn't really like them.  I bet you can guess which pair she picked.  That's okay.  They fit and she has shoes and she loves putting them on and I've since returned all of the other shoes and my sanity was spared.  Problem solved.

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I'm a part-time work from home, full time stay at home mom to two daughters and an Australian Labradoodle puppy. We are enjoying our last year before big girl school, playing with friends, swapping childcare to get the job done and getting crafty when we can fit it in. We live together in a wonderful community that we are truly thankful for and proud to be a part of. It takes a village and this is ours.