Mother's Day Card Cuteness

Mother's Day is again just around the corner.  As I was scouring the internet for ideas, I ran across this Mother's Day Questionnaire.   It gave me an idea!!  I had some really sweet pictures of the girls.  What if I merged the two ideas?  What if I then sent them to Shutterfly for printing on real cards!?  How cute would that be?  It turns out, pretty darn cute!  

Maisy's Card for Nana. 

Thankfully, my hubby is super talented and spiffied up my photos (changed them from color to B&W so the letters would show up better) and he laid out the text for me.  I could have done it, but it would have taken me a little longer than it took him.  Yay for teamwork!

Maren's card for Mimi. 

I don't have the finished project yet, but this is the idea for the front of the card.  The inside is blank, and on the back is a family photo.  Each Grandma gets two cards, one from each girl, plus a cute little something I'll pick out from a local little shop.

Happy early Mother's Day to all you Mamas!

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