Hoppy Easter

bunny banner

I was inspired by this pin I saw on Pinterest, so off to Home Depot we went to pretend to shop for new paint colors for Maisy's room.  We found so many pretty colors!

Maisy was an excellent helper.  My job was to trace and her job was to cut.   She cut out pretty much all of the bunnies herself.  I was pretty impressed! Afterwards, I decided to laminate the bunnies so we could keep them for years to come.

Maisy arranged the bunnies in the order she thought they would look best and I laid out the tape measure and placed them each 5 inches a part.  I then laid out the ribbon and taped them on, then poof!  Cute bunny garland. 

So now we are all in the spirit of Easter, with our eggs dyed and our baskets waiting to be filled.  The girls are very excited about the Easter Bunny making a hop over tonight.  

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I'm a part-time work from home, full time stay at home mom to two daughters and an Australian Labradoodle puppy. We are enjoying our last year before big girl school, playing with friends, swapping childcare to get the job done and getting crafty when we can fit it in. We live together in a wonderful community that we are truly thankful for and proud to be a part of. It takes a village and this is ours.