Use Fabric to Wrap Your Gifts

Use Cloth to Wrap Your Presents

A few years back, at Todd's urging we started wrapping presents in cloth for Christmas and birthdays.  It took some getting used to. I loved ripping into presents and I thought the girls would miss out. But, they still get paper wrapped gifts from relatives and friends, so they get that shredding joy. For us wrapping in cloth makes Christmas so much easier in so many ways. We keep a bin of fabric and ribbons from years past, so we can get at it whenever we like.  We re-use non photo holiday cards as gift tags. 

Use cloth to wrap gifts.

Here is why we wrap with cloth:

  • Wrapping is a breeze.  You can fold fabric any way you like to make it fit! No cutting, no paper cuts. No fighting with tape.
  • We never have to run out to buy wrapping paper, so we save some cash. Note:  If we are giving a birthday gift to friends we usually use decorated easel paper, so we don't lose all of our cloth!
  • It's a great way to use remnant fabric.
  • Our trash bin is not filled to the brim with paper. So, we save resources.  A real no-waste Christmas.
  • Clean up is a breeze, simply fold and put away.
  • We have beautifully wrapped packages.
  • The cloth has become like a little tradition, it's fun to see the cute patterns make their return each year.
Use cloth to wrap gifts.
Use cloth to wrap your gifts.

Do you have any alternative wrapping ideas?  I'd love to hear them.  One of mine is to always try to wrap a baby shower gift in a cute baby blanket. Do you think you could make the switch?




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