How to Make Applesauce With Preschoolers: Three Easy Steps

How to Make Applesauce With Preschoolers

It was my turn to host a playdate with these three adorable little girls.  We had been apple picking at Twin Hill Ranch just a couple of weeks prior, so we had plenty of apples we needed to put to good use.  I decided we’d try our little hands at making applesauce.  Preschoolers making applesauce can be a gamble, in this case, it paid off in three easy steps.

We used 6 Jonagold apples to make our applesauce.

1.  I peeled and cored the apples into smaller wedges.  From there, I gave the girls butter knives to cut the apples into smaller pieces, taking the opportunity to teach them how to properly cut and keep their tiny fingers safe.  They were very proud of themselves, that they could, in fact, cut and that someone was trusting them with knives like big girls.  You could see their confidence build with each new apple.


How to Make Applesauce With Preschoolers

2.  The girls then placed the apples in the cooking pan and I added ¼ Cup of water.  I cooked them covered on the stove for 15 minutes on med-high heat, then finished them off on low for 5 minutes.

Making Applesauce With Preschoolers

3.  I took a quick turn a mashing the cooked apples with a hand masher, then divided the mix by three for the girls to all mash their own applesauce.  They all added their own shakes of cinnamon and stirred it up.

How to Make Applesauce With Preschoolers

By this time the applesauce was cool enough to enjoy.  I scooped out portions for eating and some for taking home.


They all loved eating their creations with great pride and asked for multiple servings.  So there you have it, applesauce from scratch with preschoolers in 45 minutes with no added sugar.

What’s your favorite thing to make with bunches of apples?  We need to use the rest of these up lickety-split!

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