2 month old shots

Maisy went for her first set of shots on Aug. 5th at her 2 month old appointment.  The doctor gave her a clean bill of health.  She weighed 10 pounds 11 ounces and was 23 1/2 inches long.  Maisy has been quite colicky since about 5 and a half weeks of age.  The doctor said it was possible it could be acid reflux- although she doubted it because she seems to get fussy most only in the evening- but just in case she prescribed baby Zantac.  Maisy hates taking it, but it does seem to be helping (I think).  Maisy slept like a champ and was a model child the day of her shots.  She handled actually getting the shots like a tough little girl.  It was harder on Todd and I than I think it was on her.  I literally had to hold back tears to be strong for Maisy-  I’m such a softy now!

The next day Maisy was back to her cranky self- however she seems to be out growing her fussiness just a bit.  We have discovered naps and Maisy seems much happier now.  We are continuing to give her the baby Zantac drops because it seems to help her out in the evenings. 

The above picture is Todd and Maisy after she was all healed from her shots.

The above picture is of Maisy just last week.  She is growing each day.  Her newest trick is putting her hands in her mouth and then making a face like she doesn’t like the way they taste and then doing it all over again. 

Maisy and I are now down in LA at Nana and Papa’s house and Todd is in Munich for work.  Maisy and I both miss Todd very much and are excited for him to come home on Friday.  We will stay here a bit longer to celebrate Elijah’s birthday and visit and then drive back to the bay.

While Maisy and I are in LA we are busy catching up and visiting.  On Sunday we had a chance to visit with James (not pictured) Sarah and baby Marly who is about 3 weeks older than Maisy (Maisy is now 10 weeks old). 

More later……….

Much love to all- Todd, Becky and Maisy